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True Web Developers We've been crafting web applications, products, and high-end websites for 20+ years. We love what we do, and we're really good at it.

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Our Expertise

Web Applications, Redefined

We develop web applications that are sustainable, scalable, fast, and robust. Our solutions are specifically designed to meet the unique needs of each project, focusing on performance and user-friendliness. Discover how our web applications bring your digital vision to life with precision and innovation.

Niels Bartels

Advanced Websites

We build cutting-edge websites that are fast, user-friendly, and optimally searchable. We place great value on collaboration with other parties to achieve the best results.

Martijn Cappon
20+ years of experience
500+ customers

Innovative Product Development

We develop products together with our partners. By joining forces, we create solutions that are sustainable and innovative. Together with our partners, we bring ideas from concept to realization.

Niels Bartels

Service from real people

We provide excellent service, always with a personal touch. Our team is ready to support you with expert advice and effective solutions, exactly when you need them.

Tom Weeland
8500+ users in our applications
8 active partners


Explore Some of Our Creations

<strong>EBLO</strong> Sit well, sit better!

EBLO Sit well, sit better!

We developed a multi-domain and multi-language webshop platform for EBLO, integrating seamlessly with inventory and payment systems to boost operational efficiency. Additionally, we implemented a smart search feature powered by Algolia, improving user experience with quick, accurate search results. This streamlined platform meets EBLO’s diverse global needs with advanced, tailored technology.

<strong>MR.</strong> in opleidingen

MR. in opleidingen

MR. in Opleidingen features a comprehensive course platform tailored for legal professionals, offering a subscription-based model. We developed the entire system from the ground up, including the creation of course materials, subscription management, and financial processing. Integrations with Vimeo facilitate video content delivery. Our development of both the website and the web-application has significantly contributed to MR.'s success in the legal education sector.



We developed a Progressive Web App (PWA) for 123ATEX.EU, designed for both online and offline use. This application is specifically tailored for inspecting equipment related to explosion safety. It enables 123ATEX.EU to generate detailed reports based on inspections and present these findings effectively to their clients. This tool not only enhances operational efficiency but also ensures compliance and safety in hazardous environments.



Easyrapport is our digital school report system, designed to simplify and enhance the reporting process. Currently utilized by over 400 schools across the Netherlands, it offers an efficient, user-friendly platform for educational institutions to manage and generate student reports. With an impressive customer rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, Easyrapport is trusted and valued for its performance and reliability.



We created a website for STC, the premier educator in and around the harbor area. This project was a successful collaboration with Morres & Company which added a dynamic dimension to the development process. Together, we crafted a platform that effectively supports STC's mission to educate and empower harbor professionals.

Fleet Maintenance App <strong>FMA ™</strong>

Fleet Maintenance App FMA ™

In collaboration with EBLO Seating BV, we developed the Fleet Maintenance App, a specialized web application designed to streamline the periodic maintenance of fleet seating, such as bus driver seats. This tool helps ensure the optimal condition of seats, preventing downtime and seating discomfort. EBLO Seating BV proudly manages this essential service, enhancing vehicle usability and driver satisfaction through meticulous care.

<strong>Amref</strong> Flying Doctors

Amref Flying Doctors

For over 65 years, Amref Flying Doctors has been committed to creating a healthy and strong Africa by training healthcare providers, delivering basic care, providing education, and making clean water sustainably available. They also engage with African governments to ensure these improvements are sustainable. We had the honor of developing their website, creating a platform that beautifully reflects the noble goals of this organization and serves its distinguished audience effectively.



We are proud to have developed the multilingual website for Haust, celebrating over 150 years of their iconic toasts. Available in Dutch and French, the site allows users to discover delicious recipes, submit their own creations, and experience the rich tradition of the brand. It is a design-focused website that perfectly captures the festive atmosphere of Haust.

Our History

How it all started

In 2020, we evolved into Kōdo. The name Kōdo is derived from the Japanese word for 'Code,' a direct nod to the very essence of what we create. This change marked a new chapter in our history.

Back to our roots

As true 'Zeelandic' with growing families, the decision to move from Rotterdam to a brand-new office in Middelburg was a natural step. This move not only brought us closer to our roots but also into a area that inspires.

The Recent Years

In the past few years, we have developed several impressive web applications, launched a number of international webshops, and witnessed exponential growth in our own product, Easyrapport.

What's next?

We are currently exploring the exciting possibilities of artificial intelligence, aiming to integrate cutting-edge AI technologies into our projects. Simultaneously, we are looking to expand our team with passionate web developers. join us!

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